Tren pangembangan industri lampu LED global


Ing proses pangembangan industri lampu LED mboko sithik ngganti lampu tradisional, produk kasebut uga ana ing inovasi teknologi.

1. cahya pinter

Wiwit industri cahya mlebu ing jaman lampu LED, wis ngalami tahapan "panas ruangan", "panas njero ruangan", "panas lampu filamen" lan liya-liyane. Saiki, "panas cerdas" panas kaya teh.

Smart lighting

2. Cahya sehat

 Modern scientific study of light has long made people realize that light is more than illumination.  In addition to visual functions, light and light environment play an important role in human physiology, psychology and health.  With more and more in-depth control of LED luminescence mechanism and digital control technology, spectral level control of LED lighting products has become possible.  For different lighting applications, the use of light with appropriate spectral energy distribution, so as to meet the users in the physiological, psychological, emotional, health aspects of the multi-dimensional needs, will be an important driving force for the development of LED lighting technology can not be ignored. 

Healthy lighting